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Welcome to B.J. Fortner Hardwoods Inc.

hardwood logs and lumberFor over 30 years B.J. Fortner Hardwoods has been buying and selling quality hardwood logs and lumber throughout the U.S.A. and internationally. Based in southeastern Virginia we are in the heart of some of the most beautiful land anywhere and within a 300 mile radius we have access to some of the best hardwoods anywhere in the world. Our state of the art sawmill and log yard can offer you a wide selection of black walnut, red oak, white oak, hard maple, yellow poplar, true hickory, and more.

Whether you need lumber for building furniture, floors or cabinetry or logs for veneer we can be your source for superior quality wood products. Have a special need? Our land management program offers us the ability to fill many special orders that other hardwoods suppliers can't, contact us to find out more.

Family Affair

For the Fortner family the timber business is also a family affair. With six generations of logging heritage, Bill "B.J." Fortner opened B.J. Fortner Hardwoods in the 1960's and is proud to have son Todd by his side in the family business. Even the grand kids Justin, Elise, and Victoria Fortner have started to become involved with the family business. When we sell logs or lumber it's not just a job, our family name and reputation is on the line.

Logs & Lumber

hardwood lumberAt B.J. Fortner Hardwoods we don't just log every stand of trees that comes along. The timber we select comes primarily from old-stand forests and older second growth forests. Our state of the art sawmill uses lasers and high tech solutions to help insure the quality of the lumber and veneer logs you purchase is the very best. For a look at some of our logs, visit our gallery.


veneer logs for exportFrom our location in the heart of the Appalachian mountains we have easy access to transportation lines heading around the world. Although many of our clients are located in Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas, we can meet the quality veneer log needs for customers around the globe. To learn more about our veneer export services contact us at 276-861-4934.


forest land managementOur commitment is two fold. First, to you our customers, at every step of the process we work to ensure that the lumber and veneer logs that you purchase are top quality. We don't just want to sell you lumber once, we want you as a customer for a life time. Second is our commitment to the environment, our Best Management Practices for erosion control and reforestation are tops in the industry. Our family has been involved in logging for generations and we want to make sure that the forests are here for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

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